Sunday, October 30, 2005

Then & now..

I was rummaging through my drawer and i came across my very first pager which i bought in 1994! Check out the size of the thing.. it cost me $400! It was solely numeric and used only for paging. The only messages a person could send and receive was '17 31707 1' or '1 177155 4' ! I remember wondering 'what a wonderful world it would be if a person could actually type in whatever message he wanted and send it to someone else'. And now, it has become a reality and a part of everyday life.

I wonder what would the next 1o years bring..

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Unposted letter to a relative

'Dear cousin..

What you did and said to Uncle M was very very wrong. I believe that you have no right to say what you said to him. What you said was downright disrespectful, hurtful and plain wrong. Yes, what is happening is a family issue but it is only the immediate concern of immediate relations. You do not have the right to speak to him or ANYONE in that manner which you did! If you are truly concerned, it is only appropriate to speak as a matured adult (especially to someone much older) and NOT like some self righteous disrespectful idiot. How dare you preach responsibility when you lack the maturity to carry it off! Reading your correspondence.. I can only feel disgust.

I know we are all not perfect. My insecurities sometimes get the better of me but acknowledging my demons help me progress to being the kind of man i would like to be someday. I think it's time for you to start acknowledging yours..

Your cousin,


PS - The only reason why i am not telling you this personally is because i do not believe you are matured enough to handle it and i do not wish to make matters worse. This is something which i just feel better getting off my chest. If you happen to read this.. then so be it.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Even MORE ICT pictures

Just got these photographs from an army friend of mine who was the official photographer during our 'mission' in Lim Chu Kang.

Here, i'm directing some of the troops into another entrance which has a narrower stream to cross. The other one was too wide and people just kept falling onto it thus getting wet. Having GOTEX army boots are great! But they don't mean shit if your whole entire foot gets submerged in water! The guy in front of me is running so that he can jump across the stream.

I love the following picture. It was a really hot day and one of the guys was helping me fill up my water canteens. Normally, some excess water would spill out and i would just put my head under it to 'not waste water'. So one of them decided to help me out by pouring the whole thing over my head instead. Ahhhhhh.....

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I'm so happy!

It's really amazing what some people put on their blogs. Have you ever seen those where girls actually take multiple pictures of their new pair of heels or pose with their new earrings or t-shirt etc? Then they sometimes go ON and ON about how and why they bought the shoes lah, why they like it lah.. where they first saw it lah.. when they're going to use it etc.

So i told myself.. okay, the next time i buy something for myself, i'm gonna do the same! So here's my latest purchase..

Yaaaay! I'm so happy! I've FINALLY found what i've been looking for and it was only $19! Furthermore, the salesgirl gave me a 15% discount and i only had to pay $16.15. Cheap right?! I didn't even have to bargain for it. Maybe it's because i'm a regular customer. Isn't it beautiful? I can't wait to show it off to all my friends! I had to travel a distance from work to get it but the journey was worth it!

Just LOOK at all those curves! So sexy right?! My buddy Charles has something like this and i knew i just HAD to have it. I can't wait to show it to all my friends! Oops! Silly me, i've already said that.. Heehee!

Even from this angle, it looks SO appealing! I really do not know how i've survived without this for so long :) Damn you Charles for keeping this from me! Wait i dun friend you anymore!

Oooooh... just the thought of using it is making me randy!

Okay, now to try it on....

I'm sooooo happy!

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Well i'll.. be.. DARNED..!

I was at the nearby coffeeshop having dinner and my customary Tiger when i saw the darnest thing.. It was an 'ang moh' cat lady! I'm sure you've seen some elderly cat lovers who go around the neighbourhood feeding the neighbourhood strays but this was the first time i saw a caucasian one! She even had a bicycle (with basket and all to carry the food) so that means that she must cover quite a big area.

I suppose the reason why i haven't seen her before is because i was there at 11pm and that's the time she usually does her rounds.

Can you imagine that..?

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Route for Eugene.

Dear Eugene my climbing buddy..

I know you're pretty busy with school projects etc and must be itching to climb, so i've taken the liberty of giving you a 'preview' of a route i've come up with at Climb Asia. It's one of those 'close your eyes balancy routes' which i know you love to hate and hate to love.

I hope this provides some form of motivation for you during your 'depressing' period.

Your climbing buddy..


PS - If it's any consolation, i could not finish the route (due to my injured wrist of course..)

Friday, October 21, 2005

I was reading a blog entry about a wedding and how they 'tekaned' the groom outside the bride's house before letting him in to 'pick up the bride' and i wondered.. how the hell did this crap tradition come about?! I mean like, what's the whole point?! It's a wedding for god's sake.. not some freaking goddamned sideshow!

My wedding (if there ever was one) will be a simple one.. ROM, simple ceremony, BBQ dinner.. ALL at the beach (or maybe the mountains depending on where i am)!

If i ever have to go through that stupid sideshow, i'll just tell those bitches at the door to tell my bride that i'll be waiting in the car. If she's not down in 10 minutes.. the wedding's OFF!!!

Monday, October 17, 2005

Into the Blue

Watched 'Into the Blue' today and i must admit that it was an entertaining show. I was just expecting it to be a mindless 'flesh parade'.. so i guess i was doubly rewarded. The storyline was good and the underwater scenes are beautifully shot.. especially those close-up shots of Jessie's ass.

If there are guys out there who did not enjoy it... they're dead from the neck down.

Friday, October 07, 2005

More ICT pictures..

I can't believe i actually got a stupid award for 'Best Make-Up'!

Waiting for our ride..

In-Camp-Training.. 3 freaking weeks!


We NSmen are constantly honing our skills to defend the country to the best of our ability.