Monday, July 24, 2006

Climbing in Camp 5, Kuala Lumpur

Went on a climbing trip to Kuala Lumpur with NTU's University Mountaineering Club over the weekend. The program was to climb at Batu Caves on Saturday and Camp 5 on Sunday. Eugene, Chris, PJ and myself decided to go to Camp 5 for both days instead.

Camp 5 was really great. Other than the irritating ang moh staff who kept telling me to stand 2 metres (go screw yerself!) from the wall when lead belaying, it was a great experience. I think Krabi is great for outdoor climbing & cheap thai food while KL is great for indoor climbing & cheap restaurant food! And i'm thankful to have good company for both of those trips.

Good company.. Eugene, me and happy juice.

Say no to..WHAT?! You gotta be kidding me!

This was actually 'advertised' at the toll station along the highway.

I guess Chris didn't read the sign at the toll station..

Spending the night with them is always entertaining. We were cracking jokes and laughing as if we were teenage girls having a sleepover. Don't worry PJ, there were no brokeback moments. Well, except for this one.... and the time when Chris fondled Eugene.. and the time we were lying on the floor at camp 5. Ok ok.. there were NOT THAT MANY brokeback moments!

Humongous place..

The lead climbing walls are 16m high and there's a huge bouldering area below it.

The killer crack climbing walls with Chris and Eugene happily chatting away..

Fantastic lunch at some fancy italian restaurant.

Trying a split.

Me on a 6b route. The grading seems a little bit higher than what we're used to.

Attempting a 6c..

Attempting a ballet cum shaolin pose.

Eugene's overhanging boulder route.

Chris's ass.

Isn't this a sweet picture? The lovebirds posing for one last picture before we left for S'pore.

I love climbing with these guys and going on climbing trips with them. Yes, i do have to put up with Eugene's and Chris's constant bickering and fondling (each other) but their company does ensure that i stay young at heart.. thank you guys!


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