Sunday, September 25, 2005

Google Earth.. Damn COOL!

Just discovered Google Earth and it's so damn cool.. You can pin-point the exact location of your house! I've even found the location of my mom's old house in California..

Sadly, the satelite pictures of Maui are of low resolution, so i'm unable to find her current home.

It's fascinating to be able to see so much from these images. What i find really ironic is that all of our armed forces's satelite maps have ALL military bases and related sites 'blacked out'. But here on Google Earth, everything can be seen! The following is of C130s parked at Payar Lebar Air Base. This is something you would NEVER see on our army's satelite maps!

Another 'cool' feature of Google Earth is that you can pan it at a certain angle so that when you're scrolling along Singapore's landscape for example, it seems as if you are flying. I often fantasize about being able to fly (i guess that's why i love taking long flights) and this feature makes it seem all the more surreal.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Sunday's dusk..

Taken in Bedok South while waiting for a friend.

Kayaking 2 star course.

My course-mates for the fun 3 day course.

Buddy Terence, the 'uncle' in the course. Am so thankful that he could join me in the course despite having a newborn son, hectic work schedule AND part time law studies! Hey buddy, 3 star course ONZ right?!

I really don't get it.. what's with the 'V' signs?!!

Towkay Terence decides to take a breather.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Laser sailing

Tried out my new Aquapac waterproof camera case today..

It's not easy taking photographs with one hand and controlling the boat with the other! So naturally, most of the pictures came out quite shitty.

Blue skies

I love having a window seat when flying..

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Cable cars

Just realised that i haven't been posting any mundane photographs like i'm supposed to.

Hard working retiree..

If you eat at Raffles City's foodcourt, you'll see this retiree who clears and cleans the tables. The moment a person finishes his/her meal and leaves the table, he is there and the table is cleared in a jiffy. What caught my eye is that he's hunched and doesn't walk very well (he has to shuffle) but yet, he goes about his duties diligently!

You'd think that he would prefer to stay at home but no, he's out there keeping himself busy despite his age and condition. Kudos to him! Give him an Apple iPod nano i say!

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Kudos to our Police Force!

Wow! I was amazed to learn that an arrest was made within hours in the case of the Orchard MRT body parts murder! Simply amazing! I think the investigating officers should each be given an Apple iPod nano for their good work.

However, i was dismayed to hear that it was a filipino maid that was arrested. Shit! If she's convicted, it's going to be Flor Contemplacion all over again! The filipino people to me seem so very fickle minded and they just luuuuurve to protest about one thing or another. Don't they have better things to do?! I'm going to be very pissed if they're going to start burning our national flag and branding a convicted murderer their national hero again.

But then again, do i really give a shit as to what they think..?

Friday, September 09, 2005


The new iPod nano. The most beautiful thing i've ever seen.. for the moment.

I wonder if iPod mini owners are kicking themselves..


HAHAHA!! Chun Boh!? I'm betting that she whips out her iPod after the photo shoot!! This fluff (i refer to Paris) would do anything for publicity. Who would take someone who promotes burgers in a skimpy swimsuit seriously?!

Waitaminute.. i kinda like that ad..

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Jessica Alba

I wish i was that lucky piece of sheet (pun intended)!

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Brilliant Star Wars comic spoof.

You have GOT to read this comic spoof of Star Wars done with a local context! It can be found at It's so damn funny that i couldn't stop laughing! This guy is really talented.

Creative.. please BUCK the FUCK up!!

I went down to COMEX today to have a look around. And man was it packed! If it was packed today, i can't imagine how it would be like during the weekend! Where did all this people come from!? Don't they have to work?!

Anyway, i happened to pass by the Creative booth and i noticed that the new Creative Zen Micro with colour screen and photo capabilities was out. So of course, my curiosity was piqued. I picked one up to fiddle with it and asked one of the 2 promoters how much was it.. and without even having the fucking decency to look at me, the chio ah lian says.. '$499.00'. I was so put off that i immediately (gently) threw it down, shook my head and walked away. I know she has probably been telling people since 12pm how much the bloody thing is but please! This is not the way to treat a prospective buyer (though why i would buy a stinkin Creative is beyond me!).

I know i know, some of you will say 'don't let the action of one ah lian spoil the whole image of Creative'. You are right to say that but it seems that these days, i'm in such a Creative-bashing mood! So let me have my fun :)