Saturday, November 05, 2005

Kayaking in Pulau Ubin

Today was a really good day. Serene, brought us into Outward Bound Singapore for a day of kayaking. Then in the afternoon, we used OBS's pool to learn some new skills from Charles and i finally learned how to execute an eskimo roll. And of course, i could finally use my new toy too :)

It's so cool to have a friend who's an OBS instructor and can bring us in to use their stuff FOC and another friend who's a kayaking instructor who is willing to impart his knowledge. Thank you guys!

The 3 Amigoes..

Just before the launch.

Because of the high humidity, moisture formed in my camera case, so most of the pictures came out 'fuzzy'.

Trying very hard to act 'distinguished' in the OBS pool..

Norman.. Beer Advocate.

Serene.. Charcoal Unfriendly.

Charles.. Smells like Team Spirit.