Thursday, June 14, 2007


Long before Coldplay, there was Travis. And they've finally released a note-worthy album after 2 crappy ones!

Watch this music video to spot the special guest star..

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wow! Jade Seah is my executive!

If i had a soul.. i would sell it to have Jade be at my every beck and call.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Discerning & Disenchanted

Words i live by..

Am actually thinking of having it tattooed on each forearm..

Anyway, Xinyi and i had a mutual break up. I guess a relationship based on sex was never meant to last. She said she needed more time with her friends (as if i didn't give it to her!) and i told her that i needed to feel cared for in a relationship (yes, i can be needy).

But it's ok. Though I am sad.. i'm relieved at the same time. Work is getting very stressful and i don't need the additional stress of wondering where this is going.

Xinyi, if you ever read this, i want to thank you. You taught me alot of things. In a way, you brought out the best (and worst) of me. I understand myself better now thanks to you. And thank you so much for the great sex (and letting me record some of it), it was the best i ever had. Though you're only 21, i know you're been through a lot in life and i pray to the gods that things will only get better for you.

May we still be good friends and rock climbing buddies. And.. *ahem*, if you ever have an itch that needs to be scratched.. i'm just across the road from you bao bei!

Do remember what i said to you when i gave you your present on your 21st birthday..