Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Unofficial company dinner

The office had an unofficial company dinner a few days ago. I say unofficial because we do not have any budget catered for staff welfare from the Singapore Sports Council, so we basically have to pay for the dinner out of our own pockets. And i'm really glad to know that the reflective strips on my shirt works.

Standing (L-R): Jacqueline, Kum Yoong, David, Lisa (Dexter's GF), Justina (Just, i think your bra is showing thru your blouse!)
Sitting (L-R): Winston, Mr Lee, Me, Dexter and Dan (Justina's love slave).

High Performance manager, David Tay getting high on pork. Being a hardcore marathoner & triathlete, he naturally abstains from such 'unhealthy' shit.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

What will our children think..?

Do you recall a time when we looked at old black and white (and some coloured) photographs of our parents? Do you ever imagine what was going through their minds when the photograph was taken at that very moment? Were they on a trip or posing with their new car etc..

It makes me wonder.. many years from now, what would my children (if i had any) think when they see MY pictures. Pictures of me climbing in krabi, hangin out etc. Will i find them asking me about these pictures and enquiring who the hell is Big Testicle Chris? Moaning climbing egg? Yes, i'd like to think so.. and i would recollect all these wonderful moments and tell them with glee why Chris has a much bigger testicle than normal.

Well.. until that day arrives, i'm going to live my life to the fullest extent so that i'll have more interesting stories to tell.. CARPE DIEM (for you may die tomorrow..).

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Even MORE random pictures of Krabi

The following are courtesy of Jasper. By the way Jasper, we think your climbing has really improved.

Jasper! You horny dirty bastard.. taking pictures of unsuspecting tattooed hot chicks. I like your style man!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

More random pictures from Krabi

The following pictures were taken by Pat. I tell you, having a good photographer is invaluable on trips like these!

Eugene on Lion King 6c+

Me, resting above the plate of Lion King.

Night time at Ton Sai beach. You can actually see the stars here. Nice one Pat!

Another nice one by Pat. Taken at Poda Island.

Deep water soloing at Poda Island. For the uninitiated, it's rock climbing on rocks which have deep water below them. When you fall, you fall directly into the water. SIBEH SHIOK AH!!

This picture is so goddamned beautiful..

This picture was taken just before i jumped into the water.

Having a breather. If you look carefully, you can see my bling bling blingblinging in the sun.

After bumming at Tup Island for a few hours, we returned to Poda when the tide was high.

I got so high. The temptation was strong to jump from there.. but pure fear changed my mind.

On hindsight.. i should have jumped.

What i did instead was down-climbed and did a traverse to the right.

Found a nice resting place.

Eugene's standing.. erm, i mean 'floating' by with a bouyancy jacket..

Found another nice resting spot. Can you spot me..?

Chilling out at Chicken Island.

Then we walked over to Tup Island for the sun.

Ooooh! Pat in a bikini top and so close to me.. macam like my girlfriend! Teehee! Jasper and Eugene.. erm, nevermind.

Things only got better..

Sun, sand, good climbing, good friends and beautiful girls.. this is what i call a good holiday!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Random pictures of Krabi

Sea view from Ao Nang. Taken while waiting for Pat to arrive from Bangkok.

Sunset at Ao Nang.

Hanging out at Phra Nang beach. It rained halfway through our climb at 123 wall during the day so we came here to boulder instead.

Damn.. i love it here.

Damn.. why didn't Pat wear her bikini..?

The gang.. Jasper (moaning climbing egg), Pat (Phet=spicy), Eugene (half white-only his back was tanned), and me (half thai-i'm always tanned).

By the way, i really like this picture. If only the ang moh who took this picture had steady hands.

Sunset at Phra Nang beach.

We normally played Jenga after dinner. It got really challenging when we started playing in Jasper and Pat's room without the lights on.

On the way from Railay East to Ton Sai

Sunset at Railay West.

View of Poda island from Tup island. Earlier, we had gone to Poda island to deep water solo and then made a short trip to Chicken/Tup island to hang out for a few hours. When the tide was high, we made out way back to Poda island to climb.

Pat took lots of great pictures.. especially of us deep water soloing. They will be posted here asap.

And yes, i finally redpointed The Lion King 6C+.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Krabi.. again.. for the 3rd time.

Am leaving for Krabi in a few hours. I'm not really sure whether to be excited or not. It is after all my THIRD time there this year.

Only wish i could leave knowing there's no worries here back home about the stupid old man..

I'll try to come home with some interesting pictures to post here.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Standard Chartered Marathon 2007

We've made a pact. Eugene, Dan Wen, Jasper, Martin and myself (the climbing clique) will take part in next year's marathon. We will train individually but will also meet up once a fortnight to run together at East Coast Park to spur one another on.

Chris, it's not too late for you to join us. Remember.. if Chee Yeong can do it.. so can you.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Elina's back!

An old poly-mate of mine has returned to S'pore for good after living and working in London & Hong Kong. She and her English husband have decided to settle down here.

Welcome back Elina! It's good to see you again.