Monday, February 26, 2007

Hardcore in Krabi

Brief summary of the bad hardcore:
1. Low tide at Ao Nang. Boat couldn't get off the beach. Everyone got out to push in the water.
2. Low tide at Tonsai. Boat got stuck on a rock. Couldn't get to Tonsai. Boat went to Railay West instead. Had to hike to Tonsai in the dark with ONE torchlight.
3. Chris was feverish and I strained my back core muscles & had food poisoning. Some days were bad and had to be spent in bed. Didn't get to drink as much as i hoped to.
4. Left my passport in Tonsai when we were in Ao Nang. Had to make a rushed trip back to retrieve it.

Brief summary of the good hardcore:
1. Chris & I stuck to our agreement of climbing minimum 6c. Reminiscence was some good shit climbing.

Me, Philip, Dan Wen & Chris. Together again for the first time!

Reminiscence 7a+
Chris proclaiming his gayness.

This trip, in some weird way has put me off Thai food and Singha beer for a VERY long time.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Going hardcore in Krabi

Have another Krabi trip coming up on 20-25 Feb with Chris, Dan Wen and Philip. It's going to be hardcore for Chris and I as we're only going to attempt a minimum grade of 6c. He climbs and I belay. Kidding Chris! Of course I'll climb hardcore with you.. but we also go deep water soloing okie? Keke.

Another area in which I'll be going hardcore..

Friday, February 16, 2007


After 3 years.. i have finally signed up for Salsa class so that i can dance with Beverly. Kidding.. but that would still be nice.

Climbing buddies Eugene and Dan Wen have signed up too and we'll be joining climbing buddy Philip soon for his Monday night sessions. Eugene and i were at Philip's regular dance place yesterday to see the dancers in action.. and i must say, there's something therapeutic about watching girls dance.

Thursday, February 15, 2007


I was with Paul Oberman (Australian colleague) in a bakery in Toa Payoh as he wanted to get something to snack on. Conversation went something like this:

Paul (with aussie slang) : Hey, can you help me ask them how much are these..?
Me (to counter staff) : Excuse me ah, this one how much ah?
Counter staff : Two dollar
Me : It's two dollars Paul.
Paul : Thank you.

Made me realise that sometimes.. he needs a translator every once in a while.