Saturday, December 31, 2005

I am VERY pleased..

Yes, I am very pleased indeed. A friend commented today that I lost weight (I put on weight during my USA trip). I feel like I have achieved what I had set out to a long time ago.. that I can have an active sporty lifestyle AND enjoy my beer on a daily basis.. oh yeeeeah!

I spilled my stupid beer while taking this picture but I'm STILL pleased nonetheless :)

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Excuse me, are you a lemming?

Why do people celebrate Christmas? Is it because -

a. They are celebrating the birth of their saviour, Jesus Christ


b. They believe it is the season for giving, kindness, good cheer and spending time with loved ones

If it's A, okay, no harm in that. After all, Jesus is a key figure in christianity and all that jazz. You attend mass, sing xmas carols, go for confession etc etc. It's a religious time lah.

But if it's B.. Then i believe that they have been brainwashed by the Gods of Consumerism with their fancy commercials and street decorations into believing that they actually need a season to practice 'giving, kindness, good cheer and spending time with loved ones'! If that is the case, then i believe christmas should be everyday. The world would certainly be a better place..

Saturday, December 24, 2005

JO SATURNALIA everyone!!

In my opinion, the 'Merry Christmas!' greeting should be replaced with it's ORIGINAL greeting, 'Jo Saturnalia'. Sounds more exotic eh?

And it's such an interesting fact that Christmas, a traditionally christian celebration, adopted it's customs and timings from pagan celebrations! How interesting! Want to know more? Click me!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Everyday at work, my mind drifts to this place..

New stuff.. YAY!!

In the spirit of keeping my blog alive, i thought i'd just post about my recent purchases..

22litre Crumpler bag.. great for stuffing in my clothes AND rock climbing equipment. Been eyeing this bag for quite a while. But when i went to buy it a few months back, it was sold out! Thankfully, the new stock has finally come in.

Asics running shoes. These fit like like a dream! They're light and it has a mesh covering which lets air pass through it so my feet are kept cool at all times. Much better than the Adidas i had before and i simply love running in them.. Standard Chartered Marathon 2006, here i come! (Yeah, right..)

I know the norm for bloggers is to post pictures of themselves 'modelling' with their new purchases but i've decided that it would be best that i refrained. All the readers would see is a chee ko pek (rubbing his nose) with a beer belly obscenely posing with his new stash..

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Blue skies..

I can't remember a time when the Singapore sky was so blue..

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Krabi in January 2004

The following were taken on our climbing trip to Krabi a long time ago.

How could anyone NOT like it here?! Great climbing, lovely beaches, cheap beer, topless girls..

Extra curricular activities..

The only mode of transport. A piece of advice for those who have not sat in one of these before and are planning to in the near future.. do NOT! I repeat, do NOT sit in the front!!

View from one of the climbing walls..

Eugene.. is that a harness you're wearing or are you just extremely happy..?

It's nice to be recognised..

It's so nice to be recognised. At the coffeeshop where we eat after a bouldering session, the moment i show my face, the drinks stall guy will bring a bottle of Tiger for me without me having to order it. Ditto for the coffeeshop near my place. The old aunty (bless her soul) even brings me a bucket of ice knowing that i like my beer extremely cold.

It's so nice to be recognised..

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Long time dead... erm, I mean gone.

Woah, it's been a month since i've actually put anything down on this blog. Perhaps once i started working, this blog just took a backseat. After all, the only reason why my blogs came into existence was only because i was bumming (7 months of pure bliss..)!

So for this entry, i'll just summarise my thoughts for the last month.

1. Toa Payoh Central must be Ah Beng heaven.. there's a handphone shop/counter every few metres.

2. Joscelin Yeo is prettier in person.

3. I'm glad that Nguyen Tuong Van is finally executed (my sympathies to his mother). Perhaps now, all the fracas can finally end.

4. I love beer very much. Ditto for Jessica.

5. My spirit is yearning to roam again.. Cambodia? Krabi? Maybe back to Maui?

6. Ugh! It's Christmas again!! This superficially-over commercialised-holiday makes me sick. Bah Humbug i say!!

7. Mr Teo, PLEASE impose jail-time for NS defaulters!! And increase the fines while you're at it. Thank you.

8. Girls in short skirts in the morning makes me happy. Ditto for thong wearers.. bless your precious hearts.

9. Why oh why must Desperate Housewives be at freakin 1am in the morning!!

10. 'Aye Dir Kir Rein!' means 'I oppose!' in Tamil. I'm the back up for a friend's wedding in case she changes her mind at the last minute. God help me.