Sunday, July 13, 2008

Long time coming..

Ok ok.. i know it's been a looong time since i updated this place.. so here's a brief summary of activities that has happened since January..

January:  Flew to Maui, Hawaii to visit mum.  Visit my facebook for pictures please.
February: Started work as a sports manager for Ministry of Education.  So far so good.. quite happy.. less work, less stress!
March: Broke up with girlfriend (jesusfuckingchrist..)
April: Confirmed August climbing trip to California with Eugene, Chris & PJ and purchased SIA tickets sia (pun intended)!
May: One night of passion resulted in the unexpected (jesusfuckingchrist)..
June: Visited Korea for work (once again, please visit facebook for pictures). 
July: Feeling discerning & disenchanted..

Stay tuned for more updates folks (Lynette, i hope you're happy now)!


Blogger *nette* said...

yup!! finally.... and thanks sooooooooooooooooooo much for calling me at 2.30am to let me know about your update.... you DO keep to your promise ya?!?!?! hahahaha

12:59 PM  

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