Monday, October 08, 2007

Insanity is really a wonderful thing

I ran 21km tonight. 2 rounds of my usual 10.5km route. What was once a torturous route has become pretty manageable. Managed to improve my breathing skills too. The run ended with me still full of breath and i felt that i could continue running. Sadly, my legs felt otherwise.. they feel like they're 80 years old.

Monday, October 01, 2007


Just had the best In-Camp Training of my life. This is the 2nd last reservist before our unit stands down next year, so i was basically in a 'switch off' mood. And what made this all the more enjoyable was that we were in a new camp. New bunks, new (CLEAN) bathrooms, new EVERYTHING!

And it was in Jurong West instead of Tuas. In Tuas, all you saw were shipyards and industrial areas and there were all sorts of industrial noises. And getting home was a nightmare. Taxis were non-existent and the bus only came once every 30 minutes.

Jurong West had HDB flats right in front of the camp! We couldn't believe it! What a pity we only have one more reservist stint to go..