Wednesday, December 20, 2006

More random pictures from Krabi

The following pictures were taken by Pat. I tell you, having a good photographer is invaluable on trips like these!

Eugene on Lion King 6c+

Me, resting above the plate of Lion King.

Night time at Ton Sai beach. You can actually see the stars here. Nice one Pat!

Another nice one by Pat. Taken at Poda Island.

Deep water soloing at Poda Island. For the uninitiated, it's rock climbing on rocks which have deep water below them. When you fall, you fall directly into the water. SIBEH SHIOK AH!!

This picture is so goddamned beautiful..

This picture was taken just before i jumped into the water.

Having a breather. If you look carefully, you can see my bling bling blingblinging in the sun.

After bumming at Tup Island for a few hours, we returned to Poda when the tide was high.

I got so high. The temptation was strong to jump from there.. but pure fear changed my mind.

On hindsight.. i should have jumped.

What i did instead was down-climbed and did a traverse to the right.

Found a nice resting place.

Eugene's standing.. erm, i mean 'floating' by with a bouyancy jacket..

Found another nice resting spot. Can you spot me..?

Chilling out at Chicken Island.

Then we walked over to Tup Island for the sun.

Ooooh! Pat in a bikini top and so close to me.. macam like my girlfriend! Teehee! Jasper and Eugene.. erm, nevermind.

Things only got better..

Sun, sand, good climbing, good friends and beautiful girls.. this is what i call a good holiday!


Anonymous the Indonesian hunk said...

So So wished I were there *sob sob*
_ _;

Another one in 07???

2:21 AM  
Blogger norman.. said...

hey indon hunk,

DEFINITELY! How does Feb/Mar sound to you..?

*Thai hunk*

9:41 AM  

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