Sunday, May 20, 2007

More sexy Krabi pics..

Pei Jun and Xin Yi doing their lesbo thing.. ooh lala!
Xin Yi, Ira and Pei Jun

Chris getting to know one of the locals better.

Sunday, May 13, 2007


The Krabi trip was good.. and bad at the same time. Good because i was with my climbing buddies and Xin Yi. There's no one i'd rather be with on a climbing trip than my close climbing buddies. And Xin Yi was a BIG bonus.

Bad because it rained most of the time. There were days when all we could do was stay in the room, play Jenga, watch TV and drink Eugene's Chivas (not that i'm complaining mind you). Looks like i'll have to attempt Reminiscence 7a+ on another trip.

Xin Yi, Me and sis, Iradira at the Budget Terminal waiting for the flight.

Mom will have a heart attack if she ever sees this picture. Ira is only 17 years old but i allowed her to drink. Hey! What good is a holiday if there's no alcohol? Just as long as she's drinking with family.

Ahhh.. nothing like being in Krabi with your good buddies!

Pei Jun took this unflattering picture of me while playing freesbie with Xin Yi and Ira. I'm just thankful i don't have a belly anymore!

Pei Jun, Ira and Xin Yi. Isn't this a lovely picture? They look like angels.. and it warms my heart to know that i get to bone one of them..

The sun finally came out on the last day, so i brought Xin Yi and Ira to Poda Island. The original intention was to go to Tup Island but the tide was so high (probably due to global warming) and the place was so crowded that there was no place for the boat to beach!

Xin Yi and Ira having fun in the sand at Poda Island (thanks to my hard work).

The whole gang waiting to board the plane at Krabi Airport. Eugene.. why are your lips so puffy?

Both of us having the 'FFG'..

Monday, May 07, 2007

Xin Yi

I am one lucky bastard. Girlfriend Xin Yi is someone who has 3 things in common with me.
1. Rock climbing
2. Drinking
3. Making sexy time
Thank you baby, for being who you are. I am a better man because of you.