Monday, February 26, 2007

Hardcore in Krabi

Brief summary of the bad hardcore:
1. Low tide at Ao Nang. Boat couldn't get off the beach. Everyone got out to push in the water.
2. Low tide at Tonsai. Boat got stuck on a rock. Couldn't get to Tonsai. Boat went to Railay West instead. Had to hike to Tonsai in the dark with ONE torchlight.
3. Chris was feverish and I strained my back core muscles & had food poisoning. Some days were bad and had to be spent in bed. Didn't get to drink as much as i hoped to.
4. Left my passport in Tonsai when we were in Ao Nang. Had to make a rushed trip back to retrieve it.

Brief summary of the good hardcore:
1. Chris & I stuck to our agreement of climbing minimum 6c. Reminiscence was some good shit climbing.

Me, Philip, Dan Wen & Chris. Together again for the first time!

Reminiscence 7a+
Chris proclaiming his gayness.

This trip, in some weird way has put me off Thai food and Singha beer for a VERY long time.


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