Sunday, December 17, 2006

Random pictures of Krabi

Sea view from Ao Nang. Taken while waiting for Pat to arrive from Bangkok.

Sunset at Ao Nang.

Hanging out at Phra Nang beach. It rained halfway through our climb at 123 wall during the day so we came here to boulder instead.

Damn.. i love it here.

Damn.. why didn't Pat wear her bikini..?

The gang.. Jasper (moaning climbing egg), Pat (Phet=spicy), Eugene (half white-only his back was tanned), and me (half thai-i'm always tanned).

By the way, i really like this picture. If only the ang moh who took this picture had steady hands.

Sunset at Phra Nang beach.

We normally played Jenga after dinner. It got really challenging when we started playing in Jasper and Pat's room without the lights on.

On the way from Railay East to Ton Sai

Sunset at Railay West.

View of Poda island from Tup island. Earlier, we had gone to Poda island to deep water solo and then made a short trip to Chicken/Tup island to hang out for a few hours. When the tide was high, we made out way back to Poda island to climb.

Pat took lots of great pictures.. especially of us deep water soloing. They will be posted here asap.

And yes, i finally redpointed The Lion King 6C+.


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