Sunday, July 01, 2007

Climbing in KL

Left for a short climbing trip with Dan Wen, Chris and Pei Jun early Thursday morning to Kuala Lumpur. Plan was to climb at Camp 5 on thursday afernoon and on Saturday and at Batu Caves on Friday. We took the 11pm coach home on Saturday and arrived home at 5am on Sunday morning where i proceeded to spend the whole day in bed.

We had ajoining rooms at the Radius International Hotel. Chris, being an SIA employee had a special rate. It is conveniently located near Bukit Bintang shopping area.

In Camp 5 again after waiting for a year.

Pei Jun couldn't contain her excitement.

Her excitement became contagious.

Dan Wen on 'Shiok Sendiri 6a+' Nyamuk wall, Batu Caves. It's a 28m high route! Chris checking me out with those shifty eyes of his.
It has a very balancy start.

I think my next trip to KL will only be a Camp 5 climbing trip. Batu Caves is nice but not worth the effort in having to bring so much climbing equipment. At Camp 5, all you need is your personal equipment and a rope.. and in my case, a 40m rope (instead of 60m)!

But overall, it was a good trip because:
1. Climb at Camp 5 was great (despite the white bitch).

2. Got to eat at my favourite Italian restaurant (See July 06's blog post) at 1 Utama Shopping Centre.

3. Great shopping! Bought a nice adidas jacket for only S$94.00 plus some other cool t-shirts.

I did not enjoy it because:

1. My mood was somehow affected. Whether it was because of work worries or me wishing she was there with me, i don't know..


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