Sunday, September 09, 2007

Climb On 2007

Accompanied the gang to Climb On today. Did not want to take part as the long waiting times and crowds did not really appeal to me. Whenever someone asked me why i was not participating, i'd say i was the team manager. Hey, someone had to look after the valuables and take pictures right?

And hereeeee they are!

And what is this you ask? Well it's Eugene's ass! Well, sort of. There was this route which required the climber to enter feet first and then exit the hole (without touching the ground) and then proceeding with the climb.
Come on Eugene! Think like a porn star! You can do it!

Pei Jun tries another route which uses the same hole but this time, it requires the head to go into the hole first (that sounds so wrong).

Team manager (keeper of the valuables) at work. Looking back, i wish i took part.


Blogger Eugene said...

i like the last some superhero with a X on the chest

3:32 PM  

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